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Robert Brady

Robert D. Brady 1/12/1951 - 2/9/2021 My dear, sweet husband passed away. He was surrounded by love as he left this earth to start his next adventure. He was prepared and not afraid. Robert was a unique man. He had a degree in mechanical engineering and a degree in art. He was a designer, an artist and an inventor. He was a carpenter, a machinist and a fiber optics developer. He created furniture that was exhibited in magazines and fine art museums. He read every day. He researched ideas every day. He never stopped learning. He was analytical and he was cleaver. Just one example of his passion, Robert decided to learn how to build Irish Harps. He took a trip to Ireland to immerse himself in the culture of storytelling through the harp. He came home to create beautiful harps. After a health concern, he was determined to reestablish his independence. Every barrier he faced, he focused on the solution. To him, it was a problem to be solved. He was tireless in his efforts to help others. He was determined to invent products for others to be in less pain and have more independence. Robert was strong and gentle. He was brave. His spirit was kind and good. His life was well lived. He was a devoted husband. I will dearly miss my Renaissance man, my rainy-day friend.