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Ted Ruskin

Theodore “Ted” Paul Ruskin, 76, Denver; Cousin of Libby Meg Gershansky; Uncle of Stacey Lynn Schwartzwald and Randi Beth Sisti. Funeral service, 10:00AM, April 12, 2020. Instructions to view Ted's Service on Here are the instructions for Periscope livestreaming. 1. Download the Periscope app or go to if you are using a desktop 2. Type in “Ted Ruskin” into the search bar. 3. Open the thumbnail and begin viewing the livestream 4. We will set the livestream up about ten minutes before the service starts, if it doesn’t appear in the search, continue refreshing the page. We recommend downloading the app or exploring the website prior to the service to familiarize yourself and ensure that you will be able to watch the service in live time. If you have any questions or difficulties, please reach out to Feldman Mortuary at 303-322-7764.