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Gabriel De Mattos

Gabriel DeMattos Filgueiras Born: December 14, 1964 Passed: February 2, 2021 Gabriel DeMattos, was born in Montevideo, Uruguay; came to the United States in 1985, married in December of 1987 to start a family of his own and later on slowly formed a huge working family as well at Continental & United Airlines. Gabriel is survived by his wife, Irma Esperanza "Ita" with whom he was married to for thirty-three solid & lovingly blessed years; his two daughters Yrma Esperanza "Yta"and Veronyka Patricia "Nykita" and his three grandchildren, twin boys Gabriel and Jeremiah Amir, his "little big men", and his little princess, Sophía. Survived also by brother Eduardo De Mattos, and sister Liliana De Mattos. He appreciated all of life's simplicities; his family, friends, music, food, art, traveling, serene moments, playing pranks and jokes, pleasant conversations, reading, writing, silent spiritual moments, playtime with his children, barbecuing with and for his loved ones both at home and at work. Serenity and humor distinguished him best. He appreciated every moment God granted him; made many friends and acquaintances both worldwide and domestic through both his work and his travels. Gabriel honored his name by always being there for anyone and everyone no matter what the need or moment may be and he always began and ended his day for his family, no matter where he was, with a kiss, a prayer and a "te amo" (I love you), ALWAYS.