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Georges Caron

Georges saw so much in his 93 years – oh what a full life! From humble beginnings complete with outhouse to the evolution of plumbing, tvs – black and white to colour, the wonders of Netflix, the many cars (oh the pride in his travelling van for many years venturing to new parks and places) and of course, computers. He could play a mean game of solitaire, while Euchre was a favourite pastime with friends and neighbours. A super kind and personable soul, he was the friendly face that others gravitated to, and struck up many conversations with strangers he met, while out and about, and on their many excursions. Together, he and Lily travelled across the country and around the world. The stories were always about the people they met along the way, whether camping or cruising, or enjoying the pyramids. Never missing the grandkid's games, sitting in a cold arena, braving the rain during soccer and baseball, snow at football, cheering at lacrosse, or giving us the play by play with what the "right" call should have been at hockey; he loved his sports, and yes, a die-hard Canadiens fan! His pride in the kids shone through as his face beamed as he spoke about them all -each milestone, their education, pursuing their dreams. And Yes, playing with Grandpa was always fun! Music filled the air, whether Georges was on his guitar and singing, just because; singing the kids to sleep at night; or having a jam around the fire, and there may have been some dancing. Music was joy and how he loved to put on his headset and just be, whether soaking up the sun in the backyard or being inside. Friends were always welcomed and the more, the merrier! His four-legged friends, well, they felt his love and compassion too. Rescues were his breed of choice and always by his side. "Going for a look" meant another dog needing a home was finding theirs. The dogs always knew where there was a treat nearby with Georges in the house! Georges loved the cottage, kept his boat cleaner than most cars and spent hours fishing – nothing like being out on the lake! His tools were spotless and had their own spot – borrowing one meant it was scrubbed clean & put in the exact same spot (or else he knew). The jars of screws and doohickeys, well you just never know when you will need them. We called him the man with 9 lives – he not only lived a full life, experiencing all that was new; when his health was failing, he always bounced back. This was his final I love you and I'm ready. No pain, and peaceful; opening his eyes one last time to gaze at the love of his life, then took his last breaths-a beautiful and loving moment. Holding hands, theirs was a 42 year love story to the end. Georges cherished his family – his wife Lily; 5 sons Richard, Pierre (Betty), Denis (Donna), John (Rose), George (Brahm); Dad to Lise (Chris) and John (Tracey); his 13 grandkids –Christopher, Michelle, Travis (Adele), Jillian, Jason, Joselyn, Sylvia, Vincent, Alexandra, Jonathan, Mikayla, Kathryn & Sarah; and great grandkids, Reed and Aura. We thank Dr. Janet Vickers, his family doctor for all the years of care; the staff at Georgetown and Oakville hospitals; and the many nurses and doctors who coordinated his care these last years, especially Dr. D. Sapir and Dr. M. Paikin. He never looked his age and certainly didn't act it – he was one to defy all odds- Just ask the slot machines at the casino! Georges' life is one to be celebrated – so many stories, so many memories. We will cherish them all as he enriched each one of us! He was a one-of-a-kind, gentle, and kind man. Thank you Georges, we love you! We will always love you!