In Memory of Isaak Margolin





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Isaak Margolin

Isaak Margolin will be remembered as an active, wise, social man. He was fit both physically and mentally to almost the very end. We all wanted to be like him! We all still want to be like him. He, somehow, found the magic key to living life to its fullest, and staying happy and healthy to a ripe old age. He lived a mindful life before the term became popular and always helped everyone who asked for his help. We have a large family and it’s because of him that most of us are in the US. How do you keep the memory of a loved one alive? Stories! And boy did he have some great life stories. We all loved listening to them. Let's continue in his great tradition by telling our own stories about Isaak Margolin and retelling some of his old stories in a virtual Shiva this Sunday, 5/24/2020 10AM - Noon MT, 19:00 - 21:00 in Israel: Meeting ID: 896 6167 6863 Password: Dedushka