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Guilherme Andrade

aka “Dada” Born in Corvo Mosteiros, Fogo Cabo Verde on July 13, 1935 and departed on March 19, 2020. Guilherme was the son of Candida Lobo Rodrigues Andrade and Lourenco Lopes Andrade. He was the oldest son out of 16 children with ONLY 4 living, 12 siblings passed at birth or they were born and passed later in early ages. Guiherme is married to Maria Andrade aka Mama, they had 5 children, starting with the oldest Barbina, Candida, Lawrence aka Larry, Lori Anne and David. He has 14 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. He leaves behind a large family that admired him for who he was and how he loved his family. He enjoyed being around his kids and grandkids especially during the holidays as they gathered to celebrate, eat drink and do shots together, the smile on his face was Precious! Guilherme enjoyed having a good time, dancing and listening to music, he loved his wine and beer, gardening was also his passion until an injury that left him less motivated to do much of anything. ~ We Live-steaming All Services ~ Come Join us for the Celebration of Life and Legacy on March 25, 2020 For access to the Service you have two options: 1. Scroll Down and Grab the Link with in the Service Information below. OR 2. Simply hit the Home Page. As you Scroll Down pass the Obituaries and connect to the URL in the "Current Livesteam Events"