In Memory of Judith Turner





Judith Turner

In loving Memory of Judith Turner    Judith Turner, age 77 of Waller, TX passed away on April 11, 2019. She is preceded in death by her parents Charles and Gladiole Chinn and is survived by her sons, Scott, Steve and Kenny Turner and his wife Michelle Turner, sister Charlie Gale Lawrence, grandchildren Sumar, Josh, Bailey, Tori, Timothy, Shawna, Cole, Dylan, Layton and Braydon as well as other relatives and friends.    Judy was a member of The Fellowship at Field Store church where she served The Lord anytime help was needed. She was the first in line to help during funerals or any other activity around the church. Judy had a passion for two things, serving The Lord and her family. Judith Turner was fondly referred to by her family as “Mawmaw” and her friends often referred to her as “Miss Judy.” You would never know how she struggled financially as a single mom with teenagers trying to make ends meet. She worked a full-time job and a part time job and raised her three sons with love, laughter and a southern style. When things went wrong we often heard, “I tried to tell you….” The family of Judith Turner is a testament to what kind of woman, mother and grandmother she was; during her 4 week passing the entire family worked together to keep a constant vigil never leaving her side. Not one family member expressed anything other than a deep concern for her wellbeing and feelings. I can’t think of a moment that was not filled with laughter and stories about our “Mawmaw.” I’m proud to call her my mother and proud to be a member of this amazing family. Thank you mom for the gift of this family and your love that lifted us up to The Lord every day of our lives. We love you and will miss you always. Scott Turner Judy is being cared for by Canon Funeral Home.